Tessanne Chin’s first post-“Voice” album makes for a strong debut

July 23, 2014, 12:01 a.m.

The last time most of us saw her, Tessanne Chin was crying as she sang her new single “Tumbling Down” on “The Voice” after being crowned as the season five winner, six months ago.

On June 29, Chin released her first post-”Voice” album, “Count on My Love,” and like her last performance on “The Voice,” Chin’s voice drips with raw emotion on each song on the album. With her honest lyrics and the perfect blend of reggae and pop, Chin delivers an album that not only conveys yearning and love but also keeps you on your toes.

The album’s first two singles, “Tumbling Down” and “Everything Reminds Me of You,” set the emotional bar for the rest of the album. “Everything Reminds Me of You” in particular has sincere lyrics like “And to be honest at night I’m afraid” and “My eyes keep burning every day.” Although both songs start off mellow, they gradually build tension thanks to the swelling choruses in the middle.

Although the first few album singles are more pop-centric, the album’s later tracks feature more pop and reggae. In “Forever Always,” Chin channels Bob Marley’s vocal harmony and distinctive staccato beats while still providing a catchy chorus. In “I Heart You,” Chin draws out her notes over the short beats. These songs in the middle of the album focus on young love, and the blend of genres keeps the songs’ moods refreshing and lively.

However, despite the songs’ strong sentimentality, the use of auto-tune in many of the songs detracts from the emotions in Chin’s voice and make the songs blander. Although it added to the songs’ pop vibe, it dulled her voice, especially in “Tumbling Down.”

Unlike other post-“Voice” albums by winners like Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbury, Chin’s isn’t aiming to break into the mainstream pop charts. Instead, her album provides listeners with an honest, personal reflection of love.


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