To-dos and must-knows for Friday’s home football game

Oct. 10, 2014, 12:46 a.m.

Stanford football newbies’ guide to the team, the Red Zone and everything in between:

  • When to jump for “All Right Now” (our pseudo fight song): This takes practice and finesse, but after the bridge, you’ll notice everyone getting ready for the “5, 6, 7, 8. WOOOOO!!” Jump on “wooo.”
  • When to be loud: When the other team has the ball, especially on third down, or whenever we need a big defensive stop.
  • When to be quiet: Generally, whenever we’re on offense, especially when our team needs to get a first down/during a crucial play. Also, when we kick a field goal.
  • Kick-off: Jingle your keys at kickoff to signal that we’re going to “bring the game home.” Yell at the top of your lungs and then get progressively louder right when the ball is kicked and is in the air.
  • First down chant: After getting a first down, put your hands in the air and wave them up and down as you say, “oh, oh, oh, FIRST DOWN!” Point towards the direction our offense is headed.
  • #partyinthebackfield: Stanford football has prided itself on its defense for years, particularly its linemen. Expect a fair amount of quarterback sacks.
  • Rags to Roses: A book written by three football writers of The Stanford Daily, chronicling the program’s rise from a 1-11 record in 2006 to Rose Bowl glory in 2013, clinching BCS bowl berths in each of the last four seasons.
  • The Daily sports writers’ favorite players to watch: Ty Montgomery, Devon Cajuste, Barry J. Sanders, A.J. Tarpley and Jordan Richards
  • “Hail Stanford Hail:” After the game, the players head over to the Red Zone and lead the singing of the school alma mater.
  • The band’s halftime show: Expect something raunchy, hilarious and extremely offbeat.
  • Mascot: FYI, the Tree is actually the mascot of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, but the school has unofficially adopted it because our team name is just the color, Cardinal. Stanford’s team names used to be the Indians, but that was changed in the 70’s. The students voted for the mascot to be the Robber Barons, but the university nixed that idea.
  • Dollies vs. cheerleaders: The Dollies, the five girls that dance at major athletic events as well as special university occasions for the entire school year, are officially part of the LSJUMB. The Dollies go through an extensive try-out process before being chosen, and they take pride in their dancing, as their routines have been passed down for generations and are completely self-taught. The cheerleaders lead the Red Zone in chants and cheers and do stunts.

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Ashley Westhem was Editor in Chief of Vol. 248 after serving as Executive Editor and Managing Editor of Sports. She is the voice of Stanford women’s basketball for KZSU as well as The Daily’s beat writer for the team and aids in KZSU’s coverage of football. She graduated in 2016 and is currently a Communications masters student. Ashley is from Lake Tahoe, California.

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