Letter from The Dish Daily staff

Oct. 25, 2014, 3:07 p.m.

The Dish Daily is a new addition to The Stanford Daily. Prior to its merger with The Stanford Daily, The Dish Daily was an independent tech blog composed of mostly Stanford students, headed by Tim Hsia (JD/MBA ’14). We are extremely grateful to the writers before us who grew The Dish Daily into what it is today: a relevant, thought-provoking and timely tech blog for the Stanford campus.

Seeing that we are embarking on a new page of The Dish Daily’s journey, we decided to write you this letter so we’re clear about our purpose and vision.

We will:

  1. Cover major tech events, trends, companies and products
  2. Feature Stanford student startups and interesting people around the Valley
  3. Offer balanced opinions on what we see going on in tech (good, bad and in between)

As the leading tech blog on campus, we will cover major tech events on campus and off, serving as a central hub for tech news around the Bay, with a special focus on Stanford.

As Stanford students, we hope to feature student startups attacking real problems and industries, encouraging promising visionaries and fledgling ideas. At our best, we want to be a launchpad for quality startups to reach Stanford students and Bay Area tech influencers — an active part of the constantly innovating and meritocratic Silicon Valley. We will interview local VCs and angels to hear their opinions on tech trends and their criterion for financing, offering a high-level view of the landscape and insights into their thoughts.

Though we see tech as a transformative force for the world, we recognize that its revolutionary effect may be negative as well as positive, and is often a mix of the two, depending on the stakeholder. As such, we want to offer honest perspectives of tech, Stanford and the Valley.

As stewards of Stanford’s present and future, we hope to connect to readers of all majors, backgrounds, and ages. We will provide honest opinions and actionable insights on the social problems arising in tech, of which there are many. We will walk the line where techie meets fuzzy, and provide a platform for interesting news and conversation.

We believe in tech, we believe in changing the world, and we are honored to write for The Dish Daily.

— The Dish Daily Staff Writers

Contact The Dish Daily editor Will Kim at wkim1 ‘at’ stanford.edu with any questions or comments.

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