Stanford’s Best Dressed Freshmen

Oct. 30, 2014, 10:16 p.m.

Josh Petersen

Photo by Ashley Overbeek.
Josh Petersen. Photo by Ashley Overbeek.

Major: Philosophy and either Science, Technology and Society or Math

Describe your style: Fairly preppy, but [it] definitely takes a lot of the southwestern and Austin feeling to it – muted tones, different textures and a good pair of shoes.

Hobbies: Classical piano, acting and generally loafing about.

Secret talent: Tap dancing

Favorite book: “All the King’s Men”

Best thing about Stanford: I really like the cognitive atmosphere, and no matter how much work I have, I still feel a positive community around me everywhere. Also, the weather is much better than it is in Texas.

Tell us something we don’t know: I want to be a public school teacher. I had a teacher tell me once that, if you or someone you know isn’t teaching your kids, then who is? I think that’s a very powerful statement to the influence that one can have over someone’s education, either in a positive or negative way.

Stylish Frosh
Brexton Pham. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Brexton Pham

Major: Computer Science

Describe your style: Southern prep

Style inspiration: Mama Pham. My mom used to be a Nordstrom designer, then she had me and said “Oops, I can’t travel!” So I feel like I’m compensating for that.

Hobbies: Eno-ing. It’s a portable hammock and you can bring it on hikes, strap it to any two trees…also, slacklining.

Ideal first date: Exploring a city together and finding gentlemanly opportunities to show that I’m a man– because I ain’t got muscles – so I have to prove it somehow. I’d like to open the door, pay…

Role model: Daenerys, from “Game of Thrones.” She’s the Khaleesi of the Dothraki.

Secret talent: I can parkour on heelies.

Jessica Lindsay

Photo by Avi Bagla.
Jessica Lindsay. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Major: Mathematical and Computational Science

Describe your style: I’m quite transatlantic. I dress quite differently than American people. English style is more formal, tailored. But I have very casual days, too.

Style inspiration: I wore a school uniform for 11 years of my life, so after that I just wanted to try anything. I love magazines and follow a lot of fashion Instagrams.

Ideal first date: I’m quite traditional in that I like dinner and a movie. But if someone was to surprise me, as long as the surprise went well, I’d be impressed. Also, the key to my heart is macaroons. I’m 100% feminist, but a guy that opens your door, buys you flowers, buys you dinner… that’s always nice. [Also] someone to make you laugh. You gotta laugh.

Favorite spot on campus and why: The roof of the Law School.

Role model: I’m going to go with the cliché and say my mom: she’s frickin cool.

Secret talent: Skiing.

Gabriel Hernandez

Photo by Avi Bagla.
Gabriel Hernandez. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Major: Looking into Symbolic Systems.

Describe your style: Unique.

Style inspiration: My sister. A while back I would wear whatever, but one day she said “Let’s go shopping.” She influenced my style.

Ideal first date: A lakeside picnic. Maybe I’d bring a guitar and make some nice little sandwiches.

Role model: My dad. He’s very service-oriented. Whenever someone needs something, he’s always willing to help. He’s a pastor and will go to meet someone who calls at three or four in the morning. It makes me want to be there for others like that.

Hobbies: Piano, guitar, any music and making scavenger hunts.

Secret talent: I can beatbox while playing the harmonica. And you have to guess this one. *Does impeccable Obama impersonation*

Kyle D’Souza

Stylish Frosh
Kyle D’Souza. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Major: Dream job is to become an astronaut. I’m also interested in education reform.

Describe your style: Western, classy and gorgeous.

Style inspiration: My English teacher junior year had all this Western clothing from Arizona. He would talk in this nice button-down and jeans and look great.

Ideal first date: Cooking pizza at the brick oven at Stanford’s farm.

Favorite spot on campus: The Bender Room.

Role model: Neil Armstrong, without a doubt.

Hobbies: Backpacking.

Secret talent: I can do K-Pop.

Stelio Ropokis

Photo by Avi Bagla.
Stelio Ropokis. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Major: Psychology, Computer Science

Describe your style: Simple, but classy. I love solid colors – blue, green, black – but also patterns. Urban Outfitters has some cool patterns. This is what I do when I buy my clothes: I go to an outlet with no nice brands; I’ll go straight to the clearance section; and I’ll just look through it and see if I can find one or two pieces that really stand out.

Style inspiration: Clean cut things that look effortless but are actually really put together. I’m inspired by aesthetics [and] ways that things fit together – the dichotomy between simplicity and things that stand out.

Ideal first date: Go to a really cool restaurant in San Francisco…walk and talk by the Pier, Golden Gate, all around…then go to a really cool restaurant with food I’ve never tasted before and just talk.

Favorite spot on campus: Memorial Court, with the Main Quad on one side, and the oval across from you. It’s beautiful, and sitting by the Rodin sculptures, I think about the history there…how many people have walked these quarters.

Role model: Steve Jobs, I love how he believed in the design and aesthetics of a company. I think that’s so important with everything, especially with where the world is headed, I think design is starting to take a more and more important role.

Hobbies: Tennis, swimming, meeting people [and] Instagram.

Lillian Bornstein

Photo by Avi Bagla.
Lillian Bornstein. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Major: Theater and Psychology

Describe your style:  I like wearing things that I find interesting.

Style inspiration: Thrift stores, Goodwill, old movies, old magazines…I like cutting things up and putting them all over.

Ideal first date: A walk on a nice fall day with lots of laughing. It doesn’t matter where. Good discussion transcends location.

Role model: Tavi Gevinson and social rights activists like Nelson Mandela, Ghandi [and] Martin Luther King.

Hobbies: Theater, eating, dancing, spending time with dynamic people and forcing people to do crafts with me.

Secret talent: The “shopping cart” dance move.

Anne-Sophie Bine

Photo by Avi Bagla.
Anne-Sophie Bine. Photo by Avi Bagla.

Major: Humanities-related

Describe your style: I developed a personal style when I moved to Paris, five years ago. Aside from having a timeless edge that I strive to, I really got to my style when I realized you could show very little skin and still be feminine.

Style inspiration: My mother dresses very well. She has a very classical, stylish, timeless look…lots of French brands, simple cuts and lines [and] very feminine. My original basis has to do with me borrowing her clothes.

Words of wisdom: I’ve learned that the way you are dressed when you walk out of the house in the morning is how you’re going to look like the whole day — so fashion isn’t to dress up every morning, but to dress down and still be elegant. That’s simplicity.

Hobbies: Writing. Writing is my biggest thing. I wrote an article for The Atlantic about depression, social media and psychology. If I had taken a gap year for modeling, I doubtlessly would’ve written about it.

Vianey Villalobos-Zuniga

Photo by Ashley Overbeek.
Vianey Villalobos-Zuniga. Photo by Ashley Overbeek.

Major: Civil engineering

Describe your style: I usually am a super colorful, vibrant person, or I just go for greys, browns, blacks, because that matches with anything. I love high-waisted anything…and crop tops.

Hobbies: I like to draw…love listening to music. I love to eat. I could do that for the rest of my life.

Favorite food: Pizza or enchiladas.

Secret talent: I can write with both my left and right hands.

A motto you live by: Just do you. Be yourself, and go for what you want to do, and forget what other people think. Do what makes you happy.

Describe a time you followed that motto: It’d be going for engineering, because I was always told, Girls don’t really do science. Maybe you should do something like art. It’ll be easy. It’ll be fun.” But that doesn’t make me happy. I want to do math and science. That’s made pursuing this major right now great.

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