Halloween for the lazy folks.

Oct. 30, 2014, 4:36 p.m.

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As the pervasiveness of pumpkin flavoring might suggest, Halloween is right around the corner — TOMORROW. And since Halloween falls on a Friday night this year there is very little excuse to sit this one out. While celebrating may sound easy enough, when it comes to Halloween there lurks the ever daunting question: What to wear? Because, on the one hand, it is just a costume, but on the other hand you were given an opportunity to transform yourself for one night into anything your imagination and budget would allow. How is that for pressure? And while there are those who revel in this opportunity for self-expression, for others the expectation of an original costume is not that appealing. So for those of you who spend the hour before a Halloween party scrambling for a pair of animal ears, here are some easy last minutes costume ideas and their pros and cons:

A ghost:

What you will need: an old white sheet. Actually no matter what color the sheet is people will probably get the gist. No need to be standard.

Pro: It is super easy and recognizable. You will not be bombarded with requests to explain your costume.

Con: Eating and general maneuvering get pretty complicated.



What you need: A shirt with nickels glued or taped on the back.

Pro: It is pretty clever and easy to execute.

Con: People might have very strong Nickelback associations whether good or bad so you have to be prepared to deal with them. Also who has that many nickels?


Pig in a blanket:

What you need: a pig nose and a blanket

Pro: You will be much warmer than the people wearing any costume with the qualification of being “sexy.”

Con: Animal ears are cute, animal noses not so much.


Baked Potato:

What you need: a lot of tin foil.

Pro: You will be a shiny beacon of aluminum on the dance floor.

Con: Aluminum is not made for wrapping yourself with.


Dirty Laundry:

What you need: Poke a hole in a laundry basket, wear it, and then tape or glue clothes to it and to yourself.

Pro:  It is a good use for your single socks.

Con: Nobody likes dirty laundry, nonetheless dance with it.


Regina George:

What you need: A tank top with boob holes cut out

Pro: Who doesn’t love a Mean Girls reference?

Con: You will be the recipient of endless Mean Girls references.


And if all else fails, as in you don’t have a single thing to wear:

Underwear model:

What you need: The basics.

Pro: Seriously minimal effort. You were going to wear it anyway. Probably.

Con: Just make sure you think this one through.


What are you being for Halloween? Let us know in the comment section.





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