Football live blog: Stanford vs. No. 8 UCLA

Nov. 28, 2014, 12:28 p.m.

Welcome to The Daily’s live blog of Friday’s Stanford-UCLA game, featuring Stanford (6-5, 4-4 Pac-12) and hosts UCLA (9-2, 6-2). The Cardinal are hoping to close out their season with a big upset victory in the Rose Bowl after cruising by California in the 117th Big Game last week. Stanford achieved minimum expectations (in its new era of excellence) by securing bowl eligibility against Cal, but although all the Card have left to play for is pride, pride is a powerful motivator. Stay tuned to our live blog here all afternoon and follow us on Twitter @StanfordSports for live updates and analysis.

Winston Shi was the Managing Editor of Opinions for Volume 245 (February-June 2014). He also served as an opinions and sports columnist, a senior staff writer, and a member of the Editorial Board. A native of Thousand Oaks, California (the one place on the planet with better weather than Stanford), he graduated from Stanford in June 2016 with bachelor's and master's degrees in history. He is currently attending law school, where he preaches the greatness of Stanford football to anybody who will listen, and other people who won't.

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