In response to “An awkward echo: 1977/2015”

Jan. 13, 2015, 11:11 p.m.

The article “An awkward echo: 1977/2015” reveals how proponents of “Divestment from Israel” go about the conversation. The author writes, “There is nothing ‘complex’ or ‘murky’ about this conflict.” Proponents of divestment do not discuss complexities because it is not consistent with their agenda to show Israel as the “oppressor.” They do not discuss why Israel takes the security measures it takes. They do not discuss the thousands of Hamas rockets fired using human shields that have poured down on Israeli civilians. They do not discuss the suicide bombings of cafes, pizza stores and hotels. They do not discuss attacks on synagogues or family homes. Or, if they do discuss these things they are chalked up as “violent resistance,” and not terrorism. The Israeli narrative is ignored.

They also do not discuss the multiple peace efforts that have gone on over the past few years or the Palestinian leaderships rejection of peace offers starting in 1947. They do not discuss the Arab countries’ attempt to destroy Israel during the invasion of Israel in 1967, which led to Israel taking control of the West Bank from Jordan.

Activists are right to point out problems with the occupation, but failing to discuss the origin of these issues and trying to act as if this conflict is black and white is a disservice to intelligent Stanford students who are trying to understand this very complex conflict.

Yisroel Quint ’17

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