SAE house update, new SoCo program

March 11, 2015, 2:03 a.m.

SAE will be converted to a non-themed row house, 1087 Campus Drive, with SAE members restricted from drawing in. The first Arabic language Sophomore College (SoCo) program, “Arabic in America,” aims to immerse students in the arabic culture since there is no official Stanford study abroad program in the Arabic-speaking world. The Anderson Collection hosted a talk entitled “Animating the Inanimate,” during which artist Basil Twist spoke about his abstract experiments in puppetry and visual arts. Men’s basketball needs Vegas miracle in Pac-12 tournament to join March Madness. Winston Shi suggests that for the Republicans to win Congress they must do more than win local elections. Lea Coligado, this week’s featured Woman in Tech, discusses women in computer science and her Forbes article.

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