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2015 ASSU election coverage


ASSU Executive debate
ASSU Executive debate 4/8/2015
Senate candidate pool grows
Senate candidate pool grows
Endorsement chart
Endorsement chart
John-Lancaster Finley/Brandon Hill
John-Lancaster Finley/Brandon Hill Executive slate profile
Nikos Liodakis/Dottie Jones
Nikos Liodakis/Dottie Jones Executive slate profile
Joe Troderman/Nitish Kulkarni
Joe Troderman/Nitish Kulkarni Executive slate profile

Also, see the following opinions articles written about the election:

Daily endorsements: Executive | Senate

SOCC op-eds: Molly Horwitz | SOCC leadership

Executive op-eds: “How Finley fixed funding” (Holston) | “Facing the mental health crisis at Stanford” (Finley/Hill) | “A needed voice” (Jones)


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