April 30, 2015, 7:29 p.m.

Last Saturday, Badbadnotgood played an outrageous set at XOX hosted by Stanford Concert Network (SCN). This trio from Toronto, Canada came and rocked the co-op playing old and new songs, and even a tremendous cover of Flying Lotus’ “Putty Boy Strut.” The band includes Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass and Alexander Sowinski on drums. They are a jazz trio on paper, but are more of alternative, infinitely creative masterminds of hip hop and electronic beats at heart. Along with them was a tenor saxophonist, Leland Witty.

Opening with “Triangle,” they had the crowd engaged and entranced. The set had a variety of lows and highs as they went from swaying jazzy melodies to earth-shattering hip hop bass. “Kaleidoscope,” one of my favorite songs, started with a lully melody and then took the crowd for some crazy turns. Similar to “Kaleidoscope” in the way that it starts slow but revs up with the voice of drummer, Alexander, who yells into the crowd “Are you guys ready? I want to see you guys ten fucking feet in the air!!” was Badbadnotgood’s cover of “Bugg’n,” originally by TNGHT. “Bugg’n” was possibly one of the most insane bangers of the night. The front row was pounding and lunging as the beat dropped on count and mosh pits began to form, launching masses of bodies all over the room.

Badbadnotgood played old songs like “Confessions,” with Witty playing out of his mind, rocking the tenor like an extension of his body and soul along with the trio who added more of a hip hop undertone. They mixed it up, adding in “Sour Soul” from their newest album. The crowd started large, with people from all over campus, but clearly people had no idea who Badbadnotgood was and did not realize the talent in front of them. They also did not recognize the uniquely imaginative and alternative nature of Badbadnotgood. As the night progressed the crowd diminished. Those who remained were the true lovers of creativity, of difference, and of jazz, hip hop and electronic craziness.

The set ended in a chaotic yet blissed-out mosh pit to the song “CS60” in the middle of the XOX lounge. It was a night to remember and in my opinion the best show I have ever seen at Stanford, and maybe even ever.


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