Design thinking, Petition against night hours for Engineering Quad janitors

May 15, 2015, 2:54 a.m.

We took a look behind the sticky notes to demystify design thinking. Janitors in the Science and Engineering Quad recently had their hours changed from regular daytime hours to middle-of-the-night shifts without a wage increase. “Philosophy Talk,” a Stanford-based radio talk show featuring professors of philosophy, is facing a funding crisis that may threaten its continuation. Recovering from an injury is hard enough for football players but deciding when the right time is for them to return to the field is oftentimes harder. Frost Music Fest continues Coachella-like tradition of quality. Columnists argue that the purpose of the Senior Gift should be about making the world better as best we can, taking a global view and having a wide moral circle, not just funneling money back to an already elite institution.

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