SAE loses house indefinitely after second investigation

May 20, 2015, 12:32 a.m.

The University has revoked SAE’s housing indefinitely following a new investigation by the Title IX Office and Office of Community Standards. Fraternity members were found to have engaged in intimidating and retaliatory conduct, and to have violated previous University sanctions. Stanford researchers have developed a tool called Talkabout to enhance online learning through the formation of virtual discussion sections. Stanford Student Activities and Leadership, which oversees officially recognized student groups on campus, releases its 2015 Campus Impact Award winners. MFA students showcase large-scale works in thesis exhibition entitled, “We’re Not in the Business of Warehousing Paper”. In her column, Lily Zheng insists that “as an out and visible trans woman of color at Stanford, [she] refuse[s] to be a fleeting memory for students to smile at in thirty years, a token trans person on campus.”

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