Photo Gallery: Stanford vs. Arizona

Oct. 4, 2015, 3:53 a.m.

[justified_image_grid ids=”1104257,1104258,1104259,1104260,1104261,1104262,1104263,1104264,1104265,1104266,1104267,1104268,1104269,1104270,1104271,1104272,1104273,1104274,1104275,11042576,11042577,1104278,11042579,1104280, 1104281,1104282, 1104283″ title_field=off]

Sam Girvin '16 MS '17 was a Daily photographer and coterm in electrical engineering. He served as managing editor of photography for five consecutive volumes and is now enjoying his retirement. He spends his newfound free time at Amazon Lab126, where they pay better than The Daily. Sam grew up in southern California and Tokyo, but currently resides in San Francisco.

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