Fly around the world on the weekends

Oct. 14, 2015, 4:15 p.m.

It’s me again, and I’m worn out. I don’t know about you, but I have been getting around. Flying from the sandy beaches of KAbo to the hot spot of the Volcano Party, I’ve been working hard to earn my frequent flyer miles.

For those of you who aren’t able to squeeze in a quarter abroad, don’t fret… There’s no need to go across the globe to experience a different culture when you can get it in your own backyard. These past few weeks, I’ve been feeling enlightened in more ways than one. Every Friday and Saturday bring new destinations; this weekend, maybe you’ll touchdown on my landing strip.

Buckle up as we recap these past few weekends — it’s been a bumpy ride.

Get ready for takeoff. When it comes to frats, it’s come one, come all. We started off the year in Europe where the legal age is 16. Kappa Sigma’s Eurotrash allowed our friends from across the Atlantic to bring their French kissing skills all the way home. Ménage à trois, anyone?

Captain, direct your joystick to the southern border. Even though Mexico’s recent victory over the U.S. soccer team leaves a salty taste in our mouths, we only have fond memories of KAbo. As for Phi Psi’s Volcano Party? Let’s hope you reached the peak before the premature explosion.

Week 3 probably had you feeling down, but luckily, our boys on the Row provide a good getaway. Typically your flight attendants will be quick to remind you that you should assist yourself before you assist others, but this past weekend when you traveled to Sigma Nu Orleans, I’m sure you didn’t hesitate to practice more selflessness. My last known position was in the cockpit. And after that? The rest was history.

Next time, travel with me. Let’s join the Mile High Club.

Reminder that when it comes to frats, consent is sexy.

SUID to feel the turbulence.

21+ to change the cabin pressure.


You can try to contact Anita, but she’s both too cool and too busy to talk to you. Anita and the Grind want to remind you that asking for consent is both the law and the only right thing to do.

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