Campus Valero gas station to close

Jan. 25, 2016, 11:08 p.m.

Those in need of automotive repairs may need to find a new source of help, as the Valero gas station on campus will be closing down later this year, according to a University press release. The station will be closing in May or June; after helping the current owners move out, the University will be making some changes to the area.

The University decided not to renew the station’s 10-year lease, which expires in July. The owners hope to open a new automotive-service-only facility somewhere nearby.

The University did a review of the area around Stanford, and found 24 other gas, service and auto-repair companies within a distance of one to three miles. An official University report also notes that numerous locations are available on campus for bike repairs and tire inflation.

A new roundabout will be constructed at Campus Drive East and Serra Street. This roundabout will actually have the function of uniting two intersections into one; this part of Campus Drive currently has two one-directional streets that separately intersect with Serra Street.

There has been a gas station at this location since the 1960s. It is currently owned by Leroy Wicks and operated by his daughter Esther Jenkins from day to day. Stanford is helping with their transition — for example, the University will pay for the cost of removing underground gas storage tanks.

If you are interested in learning more about the closure or future developments, a dedicated telephone line has been created to answer questions: If interested, call (650)-725-8534.


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