RFs assigned to new Lagunita dorms

Feb. 3, 2016, 1:32 a.m.

With the construction of the new Lagunita dorms nearly complete, Resident Fellows (RFs) have been assigned to the new residences as part of a larger reconfiguration of RFs across campus.

According to an e-mail statement by Fran’cee Brown-McClure, Associate Dean of Residential Education, nine houses across campus will have new RFs next year.

These changes were the result of natural RF transitions and movement to the new dorms,” she wrote. 

According to a magazine release by Stanford Residential Education, Bryan and Cheryl Brown, previously College Directors of the Freshman-Sophomore College (FroSoCo), will be the new RFs in Meier, one of the new dorms. The current RFs in West Lag, Jack and Nancy Kollman, will be the new RFs in the second new Lagunita dorm. In turn, the West Lag RF positions will be filled by Dan Klein and Michelle Darby, who are currently the RFs of Rinconada.

The addition of the new Lag dorms is part of a broader plan to address the distribution of freshmen across campus for next year. Additionally, Trancos, which is currently an all-freshman dorm, will become an all-sophomore residence.

“We currently are at about two-thirds frosh on East Campus and one-third frosh on West Campus. The new dorm will take us to around 40 percent on West Campus and 60 percent on East Campus,” Brown-McClure noted in her statement.


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