Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Major

Feb. 12, 2016, 4:58 p.m.

That special time of year is coming up again…no, not Big Game. Not Midnight Breakfast. Nope, not FMOTQ. (Wow, we sure have a lot of annual traditions). I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, the one day in a year where you are socially obligated to buy into corporate America and purchase the perfect gift for your significant other.


Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is 2 days away–just enough time to preorder (or craft if you’re really dedicated) the perfect gift for your valentine. But never fear, the Grind is here with the coolest gift ideas–and we’re not talking flowers and chocolate.


Here’s our top list of Valentine’s presents, organized by Stanford major.

  1. STS

Enchant the Science, Technology, and Society major in your life by taking them on a cute date to the Exploratorium After Dark. An 18+ event held every Thursday night, there are different themes, from the science of food pairings to the science of love. For just $15 per ticket, and your significant other can explore all the galleries in the Exploratorium, and if you hold hands in the Tactile Dome, well, it’s pitch black so no one would know.

(Samantha Wong/The Stanford Daily)
(Samantha Wong/The Stanford Daily)


  1. CS

I don’t know why there isn’t one already, but I definitely tried searching for a coffee mug with the Java logo on it–it doesn’t exist, but you can get one custom made! Alternatively: if your SO is mastering Python at the moment, you should definitely get a 50” long stuffed python. Repeat puns with whatever coding language your SO is learning.


  1. Humbio or Bio

Three words: Giant. Plush. Cells. Giant Microbes sells plush versions of your favorite cells and microorganisms in sizes up to 2’. If you really want to treat your Humbio friend right, buy them a subscription so they can receive a soft and huggable germ, cell, or STD every month. I mean, c’mon, have you ever seen cuter immunoglobulins? Wrap it up with a cheesy bio-related line (e.g. “There may be 20 amino acids but you’re the most essential thing in my life.”) to really sell it.

vday dollsvday dolls2

  1. Econ

Test your partner’s ability to handle finances and invest wisely by playing Stanfordopoly. The Stanford themed version of Monopoly includes relevant spaces such as “Collision in White Plaza. Advance to the Medical Center and lose 1 turn to recover.” And if you can play Monopoly together, you’ll be able to weather anything.


vday monopoly

  1. Chemistry

These awesome necklaces are shaped like chemical compounds. This one in particular is modeled after serotonin, a neurochemical thought to be responsible for the feelings of love.

vday chemistry

  1. Product Design

Give your favorite designer the perfect space to ideate. Personalize a Moleskine notebook with their name on it through the online store, or choose from a variety of themes including Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. Everyone in the will be jealous.

vday d school

  1. Psych

The social experiment popularized by Dr. Arthur Aron is back in card game form. Cement your relationship with your favorite psych major by going through the 36 questions of “The Love Game.” If you’re not persuaded yet, check out this Internet review, which left me teary and pondering my existence.

vday love game

  1. French

Can’t make it to Paris ? Lock in your love somewhere on campus with these cute love locks. (Note: vandalism is strongly discouraged).

vday locket

  1. Music

Impress your partner with your grasp of music theory and composition. Make them their own custom music box with a rousing sonata you wrote for them. A move as classic as that V7 to I chord progression.

vday music

  1. EE

Probably one of the neatest little contraptions I’ve seen in awhile, this DIY video game kit has all the parts your partner needs to make her own video game, with preprogrammed Snakes and Pong games. You do need to solder some parts together, but hey, that’s a great excuse to spend more time together with your sweetie. Plus, all those EE classes come in handy, because you can program the Arduino to design your own video game. Bonus points if you program a custom game for Valentine’s Day.

vday gaming

Samantha Wong '18 is the former Executive Editor of vol. 252 and former Managing Editor of The Grind. She is majoring in Human Biology with a minor in History. To reach her, please contact slwong 'at'

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