Math 41, 42 to be discontinued

Feb. 24, 2016, 12:23 a.m.

The accelerated single-variable calculus classes Math 41 and 42 will be phased out in 2017-18, according to the Department of Mathematics. The two-quarter Math 41-42 series, offered in autumn and winter quarters, provided an accelerated variant of the yearlong Math 19-20-21 series.

Students with some background in single-variable calculus equivalent to AP Calculus AB may opt to begin the series in Math 20, which will open sections in autumn quarter of 2016 or 2017 for the first time. The math department will also offer a voluntary self-administered online placement test to help students determine their optimal placement in introductory math courses.

According to Brian Conrad, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics, the change was prompted by increasing numbers of students dropping from Math 41 to Math 19 in the early weeks of the quarter. This led to logistical challenges for the math department. In addition, the change promises to free up TAs for new Math 19 and Math 20 sections.

The course content of the Math 19-20-21 series will be reorganized to ensure compatibility with courses in departments that previously required Math 41 or 42. New sections of all three classes will be offered in spring quarter as well as during the next school year.


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