Which Late Night food are you?

April 4, 2016, 11:07 p.m.

It’s 12:43 a.m. You’ve run out of your stash of Trader Joe’s chocolate peanut butter cups, but this PWR essay isn’t going to write itself, and Arrillaga Dining won’t be open for another seven hours. Thank goodness for Late Night.

But wait! Just when you think you’ve found a solution to your hangry-ness, the biggest question of all arises: What food option to choose?

This easy personality test will direct you to the artery-busting junk food of your dreams.

  1. How do you get to class?
    1. Trusty, rusty road bike
    2. Hoverboard/electric skateboard/something you invented in the PRL
    3. Longboard, brah
    4. Power walking


  1. What’s your favorite Stanford tradition?
    1. FMOTQ
    2. Wacky Walk
    3. Primal Scream
    4. Midnight Breakfast


  1. Where would I find you at a Stanford football game?
    1. Getting nachos at the concessions stand with those free meal swipes
    2. Front row, body painted, screaming at the ESPN camera guy
    3. At the pregame tailgates, hanging with the alumni
    4. Huge fan … I love it when they make those baskets … Catholic McCafe is my favorite … go footballs!


  1. It’s a Friday night. You are …
    1. Chilling with your friends
    2. Having the best jam sesh with your buds
    3. Partying it up!!!
    4. Getting ahead on your p-sets and readings for next week


  1. Which of the following extracurricular activities would you join?
    1. Club sports
    2. Quidditch
    3. Dance Marathon
    4. Robotics


  1. What are you doing this summer?
    1. Research on campus … Mirrielees is going to be lit
    2. Traveling the world, writing a novel and finding yourself
    3. Camp counselor
    4. HMU at Google/Facebook/Twitter


  1. You bump into your crush at CoHo. How would you ask them to hang out?
    1. “Hey, let’s get lunch!”
    2. “Have you seen the new postmodernist exhibit at the Cantor?”
    3. “I really like you a latte, do you want to go out sometime?”
    4. “Do you want to work on the Math 51 p-set together this weekend?”



If you answered mostly 1’s: BREAKFAST BURRITO

You’re a pretty laid back person, and you appreciate the simple things in life. You also appreciate a steaming pile of eggs and potatoes wrapped in a tortilla, and you know that Lag has burritos the size of a small baby.


If you answered mostly 2’s: ACAI BERRY BOWL

You like to do things your own way, and people respect that you embrace your individuality. Creative and passionate, you are a lot like the flavorful and refreshingly unique acai berry bowl. Like the berry bowl’s surprising inclusion in the Late Night lineup, there’s no one else like you, but people dig it anyway.


If you answered mostly 3’s: MOZZARELLA STICKS

You have a cheesy sense of humor, and you’re totally the life of the party. Your energy is infectious, much like the addictive power of fried cheese.


If you answered mostly 4’s: CHICKEN TENDERS

Some people might call you “boring,” but honestly, you just know what you like and what you don’t. You’re ambitious and understated. Chicken tenders at TAP don’t seem too exotic, but the crunchy-coated chicken is consistently satisfying.

Samantha Wong '18 is the former Executive Editor of vol. 252 and former Managing Editor of The Grind. She is majoring in Human Biology with a minor in History. To reach her, please contact slwong 'at' stanford.edu.

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