Women’s tennis: a season in review

May 25, 2016, 2:36 a.m.

Miss out on Stanford women’s tennis’ wild 2015-2016 season? Relive some of the team’s most notable moments here…

  • Dropped under .500 for the first time in program history, at 1-2 in February
  • Dropped to a season-low fifth in the Pac-12 standings midway through the season
  • Dropped to a season-low ranking of No. 23 nationally in March
  • Turned the season around with a 4-3 upset over No. 7 Florida in late February, which marked Zhao’s return to the team
  • Beat No. 1 Cal 4-3 in the final match of the regular season to rob the Bears of a perfect season and throw the Pac-12 standings into chaos
  • Beat USC in a winner-take-all match to clinch the Pac-12 title
  • Finished the season on a 10-match winning streak
  • Successfully defended match points against Michigan (quarterfinals) and Oklahoma State (finals) in the NCAA tournament— had the team lost either point, there would be no NCAA title
  • Taylor Davidson played five consecutive three-set matches in the tournament and provided three clinchers (Texas A&M, Florida, Oklahoma State)
  • Won 14 of last 16 tournament matches when seeded lower than opponent
  • Became the lowest seed, at No. 15, to ever to win an NCAA Championship, breaking the record set by the 2013 Cardinal team (No. 12)
  • Only two Stanford classes have graduated without an NCAA title since the championship was introduced in 1982
  • Marked their 33rd quarterfinal appearance, 30th semifinal appearance, 24th final appearance and 18th title in program history — more titles than all other teams combined


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