Five YouTube videos about Stanford that you need to watch

May 27, 2016, 7:44 p.m.

It’s Week 9 and your body is 70% Coupa, 30% Late Night. The only thing that eases the pain of sleep deprivation is procrastinating by watching stupid YouTube videos. Luckily, we at The Grind have curated the top five YouTube videos about Stanford that you absolutely have to watch. We guarantee that it’ll make you feel better about the three p-sets and four papers you haven’t finished.

  1. “Sh*t Stanford Students Say” by JustCallMeMrRight

I remember watching this video while writing my Stanford application and not understanding half of what was said. Filmed four years ago, many of the jokes are still applicable and outright hilarious. Keep an eye out for a cameo from famous alum Andrew Luck. It’s a true classic.

  1. “First Kiss: Stanford Edition” by Maya Theuer Dulcie Davies

Playing off of the popular “first kiss” video meme in which random strangers are filmed sharing a kiss for the first time, this video was made two years ago by a Stanford student. It’s alternately cute and awkward – and super popular on the Interwebs (691,308 views!). The best part: the 382 comments proclaiming, “I ship them” and “that guy was so hot.”

  1. 19 Hours: Stanford Women’s Swimming “Beyond the Pool” by Stanford Athletics

Four years ago, Stanford Athletics had a popular series going called “19 Hours,” where each sports team got 19 hours to make a short film. Some of the videos are hilarious sketches, some are parodies. This one has the second-most views of all the videos on the Stanford Athletics channel, and for good reason.

  1. “Dear Future Doctor (Stanford School of Medicine Parody on “Dear Future Husband” by Megan Trainor) by Gun Ho Lee

Somehow watching this video ten times makes the pre-med struggle that much more bearable. Also, can we just talk about the production quality on this video?!?!

  1. At Bay: Chapter One – How to Start a Startup by Obscenely Sunny Pictures

This brilliant new web series is like the T.V. show about Stanford you’d always wanted. Plus it’s half an hour long, perfect for that awkward gap in between classes where you don’t have time to start work or take a nap.



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