Congressional candidates to clash in Stanford Daily debate

May 31, 2016, 12:04 a.m.

The Stanford Daily will be hosting a debate of all three Congressional candidates for California’s 18th Congressional District on Tuesday, May 31. The candidates — incumbent congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D), Richard Fox (R) and Bob Harlow ’16 (D) — will debate for one hour on a variety of domestic and international issues.

This debate will mark the first time that all three candidates appear together on the same debate stage, and this is the only time the candidates will debate before the primary on June 7, which will decide which two candidates advance to the general election in November. The debate is being hosted with the assistance of KMVT, a public access broadcaster in Mountain View and will be broadcast subsequent to the event on public access television and online.

Written coverage of the debate will be available Wednesday online at The Stanford Daily’s website.


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