Say ‘yes’

Opinion by Ashley Westhem
June 8, 2016, 11:59 p.m.

breathe in

love, calm, light

breathe out

anxiety, pain, anger


live life mindful

not as a puppet

seek a life, not a job


sit in an inflatable turtle at the Claw on a hot day

close your eyes, walk the labyrinth, imagine another world

allow Stanford to let you smile everyday

fall asleep on the Oval

find your camp Stanford


happiness and health over everything

use up your late days, put the paper to rest

cry on a shoulder

use laughter as your medicine


love yourself

compassionate, confident, vivacious

love your life

meaningful, driven, passionate


a yummy cup of chai tea

a sweaty, inverted body during yoga

a candle lit in a peaceful room

a long hike, an effortless swim

a good laugh, a long sleep


every sunset,

every kind word,

every smile

every thank you


how will you find purpose, make an impact, live with intent?


fail a bit,

meander a lot,

keep dancing, keep living

find what you didn’t know you were looking for


activate your mind,

harness your creativity

trigger your happiness


your life is yours

your future is open

go forth and seek it

with an open heart, an open mind, without regret  


Contact Ashley Westhem at awesthem ‘at’

Ashley Westhem was Editor in Chief of Vol. 248 after serving as Executive Editor and Managing Editor of Sports. She is the voice of Stanford women’s basketball for KZSU as well as The Daily’s beat writer for the team and aids in KZSU’s coverage of football. She graduated in 2016 and is currently a Communications masters student. Ashley is from Lake Tahoe, California.

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