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Correction to ‘Chi Theta Chi wins in name lawsuit’ from Sept. 22


In our Sept. 22, 2016 issue, The Daily published an article called “Chi Theta Chi wins in name lawsuit.” We have since learned that the information used to source the story was inaccurate. The Chi Theta Chi lawsuit has not been resolved and is still ongoing. The Daily regrets this error and apologizes for not reaching out to University officials before running the story in print.

Below is a responding statement from University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin.


Dear Editor,

We were surprised that the University was not contacted about the lawsuit brought by the Theta Chi Fraternity against Stanford University and the alumni association for the row house at 576 Alvarado Row. The article incorrectly reported that the court “allowed the student group to continue using the name.”  The court did not make any such ruling.  In fact, the lawsuit is ongoing. The national Theta Chi fraternity has been granted leave to amend its complaint and it continues to believe that any use of Chi Theta Chi is infringing. While Stanford is vigorously defending the lawsuit, the name of the row house is 576 Alvarado Row and the university has directed its staff (including student staff) to refer to it as such.  Students and others using “Chi Theta Chi” are advised that the fraternity considers such use to be infringing.



Lisa Lapin

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