Student Activities Fee waiver deadline extended

Oct. 18, 2016, 12:09 a.m.

The period to waive all or part of the Student Activities Fee has been extended by two weeks until next Friday, Oct. 28, according to ASSU financial manager Jelanie Munroe ’16. The extension was granted in response to technical problems in the new online waiver process.

In the notice, Munroe emphasized the implications of students waving fees.

“The fee directly funds student-led initiatives that are voted on annually by students,” the notice read. “Waiving a fee means that you choose not to fund certain campus organizations and do not intend to participate in any of the activities partly or fully supported by those organizations.”

Fee waivers have been a topic of controversy in the past, including last fall, when a full 13 percent of undergraduates waived their fee. According to Munroe, however, waiving fees does not constitute “free money.”

The notice concluded by stating thanking students for their patience.

“The ASSU is sincerely grateful for your patience throughout this process, as we work to best serve you,” the notice read. “There has never been any intent to disempower students who wish to responsibly waive their fees.”

Students with further questions or technological difficulties should contact the ASSU’s assistant financial manager, Sean Means, via email.


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