Editorial Board: Why The Daily matters

Dec. 9, 2016, 8:01 p.m.

The Daily’s Vol. 250 Editorial Board comprises five members (L-R): head copy editor Stephanie Chen ’18, executive editor Will Ferrer ’18, editor-in-chief Kylie Jue ’17, managing editor of Opinions Michael Gioia ’17 and former editor-in-chief Andrew Vogeley ’17. For the fall 2016 Dead Week issue, each member wrote about The Daily’s personal importance to them. Click on each member below to read their editorial.

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Editorials represent the views of The Stanford Daily, an independent newspaper serving Stanford and the surrounding community. The Daily's Editorial Board consists of President and Editor-in-Chief Kylie Jue '17, Executive Editor Will Ferrer '18, Managing Editor of Opinion Michael Gioia '17, Head Copy Editor Stephanie Chen '18 and Senior Staff Writer Andrew Vogeley '17. To contact the Editorial Board chair, submit an op-ed (limited to 700 words) or submit a letter to the editor (limited to 500 words) at [email protected]

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