Editorial Board: On the FoHo’s letter to the editor

Opinion by Editorial Board
March 8, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

On Tuesday, The Fountain Hopper submitted a letter responding to a piece by our editorial board titled “FoHo and the paradox of accountability reporting by an unaccountable press.” Needless to say, the editorial board believes the FoHo’s characterization of our reporting on various issues and the training of our staff is at best unjustifiably dismissive and at worst willfully ignorant of good journalism. Furthermore, the FoHo continues to misconstrue The Daily’s business operations. By the end of its 1,300-word letter, the FoHo still fails to answer one central question: Why remain anonymous? Protected by press laws and the tide of student opinion, there should be no real harm in revealing the identity of FoHo staff given how confident they are in the veracity and righteousness of their reporting.

In the end, a back-and-forth between the FoHo and The Daily would serve little purpose for the student body. Instead, we at The Daily will let readers judge for themselves which sources of news they trust and which models of reporting they prefer. As it has since 1892, The Daily will continue to do its best to cover stories at Stanford objectively and accurately.

Editorials represent the views of The Stanford Daily, an independent newspaper serving Stanford and the surrounding community. The Daily's Editorial Board consists of President and Editor-in-Chief Victor Xu '17, Executive Editor Will Ferrer '18, Managing Editor of Opinions Michael Gioia '17, Desk Editor of Opinions Jimmy Stephens '17, Senior Staff Writer Kylie Jue '17, Senior Staff Writer Olivia Hummer '17 and Senior Staff Writer Andrew Vogeley '17. To contact the Editorial Board chair, submit an op-ed (limited to 700 words) or submit a letter to the editor (limited to 500 words) at [email protected]

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