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Correction: Constitutional Council members not censured by Senate


On Wednesday, The Daily ran an article on Tuesday’s Undergraduate Senate meeting with serious errors.

The article, which was titled “Senate censures two Council members” in print and “Senate censures Constitutional Council members, tables impeachment” online, falsely stated that the Senate voted to censure Council members Brian Baran J.D. ’18 and Jonathan York J.D. ’18.

In fact, the Senate voted to table bills for Council members’ impeachment until next week’s meeting. As an alternative, during open forum, the Senate introduced bills to censure the Council members, but the bills have not been voted on or discussed. In addition, senators, Constitutional Council members and possibly the ASSU Exec plan to meet before the next Senate session to discuss improvements to the Constitutional Council process.

Both Wednesday’s article and an article from last week have been updated to fix an incomplete picture of events and different parties’ perspectives. The Daily strives to give both accurate and comprehensive accounts and regrets that Wednesday’s article and last week’s Senate article, which also discussed the impeachment bills, did not meet those standards.

Full updated articles can be viewed online.

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