Campus eateries pass health inspections with few violations

May 5, 2017, 1:14 a.m.
Inspections of campus eateries found few major health issues (CALEB SMITH/The Stanford Daily).

The Daily’s review of restaurant inspections on campus found that most campus eateries passed their most recent county health inspections with few, if any, serious violations.

The inspections, which were conducted by the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, showed that all but two kitchens on campus passed unconditionally, meaning they had no more than one major violation of standards. Two kitchens, one for Lutticken’s Deli and one for a special event on campus, were initially given conditional passes and were promptly reinspected due to major risk factors. Both locations successfully resolved the complaints.

Amadeo Penas, the manager of Lutticken’s Deli, took issue with some of the alleged violations but praised the food safety inspector and the importance of the inspection.

“They’re very picky about some things that are non-food issues,” Pena said.

Lutticken’s Deli was written up in its conditional pass for failing to have soap in the soap dispensers at the stations employees wash their hands at as well as for keeping food at temperatures outside of the county’s safety standards. Pena reported that his restaurant is taking careful steps to ensure food safety such as daily temperature testing of food and is regularly inspected by Stanford personnel.

Dining halls generally posted scores in the high 80s and 90s on a 100-point scale. The worst-performing dining hall, Ricker Dining, scored a 79. Points were deducted for food safety and best-practice violations. Performance for Row and co-op houses varied considerably within the passing tier, with 576 Alvarado Row performing the worst among co-ops and self-ops with a score of 79. The number represents an improvement for co-ops and self-ops as a whole, as last year’s Daily review found 1047’s score of 70 to be the lowest for the segment. Over the past year, 1047 has improved to score an 82.

Other prominent on-campus eateries did well in their last inspection results. The Axe & Palm scored a perfect 100, Coho and Treehouse both scored 88, Coupa Cafe at Green library scored a 96 and Ray’s Grill scored 93.


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