Police blotter: May 2 – 8

May 10, 2017, 1:36 a.m.

This report covers a selection of incidents from May 2 to May 8 as recorded in the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) bulletin.

Tuesday, May 2

  • At 4:25 p.m., two vehicles collided on Arboretum Road at Galvez Street.

Wednesday, May 3

  • At 2:05 p.m., two vehicles collided on Memorial Way near the 500 Block.
  • Between 11 and 11:15 p.m., someone stole an unattended backpack from the basketball court at Escondido Village.

Thursday, May 4

  • At 10:45 a.m., someone was arrested, cited and released for shoplifting at the Stanford Bookstore.

Friday, May 5

  • At 12:16 a.m., the police responded to a report of a loud party at the Kappa Sigma House. The situation was resolved without any problems.
  • At 12:42 a.m., someone was arrested and booked for public intoxication and providing false identification to a police officer near the Kappa Sigma House.
  • There was one alcohol transport.
  • Between 7 p.m. on May 3 and 8:15 a.m. on May 5, a U-locked bike was stolen from the bike rack outside of the Escondido Village Studio.
  • At 7 p.m., two vehicles collided on Serra Street.
  • At 11:09 p.m., a noise complaint was made against the Phi Kappa Psi House. When informed of the complaint, residents turned down the music and closed the windows.

Saturday, May 6

  • At 12:15 a.m., someone was arrested for public intoxication on Santa Ynez Street near Mayfield Avenue.
  • At 12:45 a.m., two people were arrested for public intoxication outside of Kairos House on Mayfield Avenue.
  • At 3 a.m., a vehicle collided with a fixed object on Olmsted Road east of Campus Drive.
  • At 5 a.m., an unknown suspect opened the window screen of a room in Roble Hall and attempted to open the locked window. The resident woke up, went to the window and startled the suspect, who then fled the scene of the crime.
  • There was one alcohol transport.
  • At 11:45 p.m., two people near the Pearce Mitchell Complex were arrested, cited and released for being minors in possession of alcohol.

Sunday, May 7

  • Between 12:41 and 12:50 a.m., someone punched another person in the face at Synergy and then fled the scene. The victim sustained an injury to the right eye and experienced memory issues.
  • At 4 a.m., an unknown suspect opened a ground floor dorm window in Crothers Hall, entered the room and continued through the single-occupant room and left via the hallway. Nothing was stolen or disturbed.
  • At 3:05 p.m., someone filed a complaint that another person had been at the same location as them on Sundays during the noon hour.
  • Between 7:30 and 11:30 p.m., someone broke the passenger side rear window of a car parked near the Track House and stole a camera and lens.

There were two alcohol transports reported between May 2 and May 8 as recorded in the SUDPS bulletin.



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