Beating the Heat: Student Summertime Fashion

July 14, 2017, 1:00 a.m.

As summer goes on, and the weather in sunny Palo Alto heats up, it becomes ever harder to figure out just what you should be wearing to beat the heat. Thankfully, I have you covered. I interviewed students across campus about what clothing tips they have to keep cool this summer.

Julie Chavando, Madison Hall and Elan Halpern are three Stanford undergraduates with unique fashion styles, and have some helpful tips to stay cool. The three can be found lounging on the grassy plain outside the Ricker dining halls.

Beating the Heat: Student Summertime Fashion
(Kesi Sound/The Stanford Daily)

“I’ve been told I have an athleisure style,” said Halpern, decked out in a Stanford cap and Ray-ban Clubmaster style sunglasses.

Athleisure, comfortable multi-faceted clothing applicable for use as both workout and everyday wear, has become the latest trend with brands like Lululemon and Nike becoming ever popular in the land of womenswear.

Athleisure clothes like yoga pants and crop tops prove favorites for Halpern and the perfect companions to beat the summer heat with.

For Chavando, her summer favorite for all occasions, casual or semi-formal, is a classic romper. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t see the appeal in athleisure. Chavando’s perfect closet would consist almost exclusively of “rompers and Lululemon.”

“It’s hard to dress because it’s cold at night and hot during the day,” said Hall.

But Hall’s main clothing goal this summer is not just to beat the heat, but also to transition her closet into what she calls “adulthood”, with the goal of having less clothes which are of higher quality.

Hall is not unique in this regard. Her friends nod along, agreeing that this is something they all strive to do.

For menswear guru Theo Charusi, dressing for summer is not a challenge.“I pretty much dress the same all year round. I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt,” said Charusi.

Beating the Heat: Student Summertime Fashion
(Kesi Sound/The Stanford Daily)

While the weather changes, Charusi’s style stays mostly stagnant, rocking the classic shorts and t-shirt look most days unless a special occasion demands otherwise.

“I would say black t-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers like running shoes, and maybe a belt and sunglasses,” said Charusi when asked for five summer essentials.

Charusi understands the importance of a quality belt in making an outfit. In fact, when asked to give his advice to readers, he said “wear a nice belt.”

Dressing in the summertime is confusing. With its hot days and cold nights finding the perfect outfit can be a real challenge. Hopefully, with student’s help and guidance, you’ll be able to beat the heat in style.


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