A Blogilates round-up: 10 short workouts guaranteed to make you sore

Nov. 8, 2017, 1:00 a.m.

If you’re anything like me, finding the time to go to the gym during the week can be nearly impossible. I tell myself every night before going to bed that I’ll get up early to run on the treadmill, but usually I end up snoozing my alarm five times. I also tell myself every morning before going to class that I’ll do strength training later, but usually I end up putting my pajamas on instead. Despite my weekend-only gym attendance, working out is part of my daily routine.

One of my high school friends introduced me to Blogilates, a revolutionary website and YouTube channel full of resourceful workouts tailored to specific goals. With almost four million subscribers, founder Cassey Ho has transformed the face of online exercise videos. They’re short, energizing and more difficult than you’d think. The best part is that I can do them in the comfort and privacy of my own dorm room. Using a cushy yoga mat, I’ll knock out a solid 45-minute workout in between classes when I’m tight for time.

In case you’re skeptical, check out this list of my favorite videos. To get the most out of your workout, my advice is not to pause the video and take breaks. You must have a certain level of self-control to continue the video even when your abs are on fire. But trust me, the temporary pain is worth it.

1. Extreme abs (14:16)

Moves: Various triple crunches, hollow rock, double leg lift, ab hold, earthquake

2. Quick burn arms (7:51)

Moves: Goal post punchers, shoulder pulses, back behinds, inverted arm circles, prayer pulses

3. Silent death cardio (13:08)

Moves: Squat and lift, plié pulses, kick circles, twist and kick, knee push kick, knee ups, plié to run, plank walk opener, low lunge pulses

4. Quick burn calves (9:41)

Moves: Calf raises, outward calf raises, inward calf raises, high heel pliés, plié calf raises, lifted plié pulses

5. Quick burn booty & thighs (7:33)

Moves: Push pedlar squats, puppet legs, tip over, tip over extensions

6. Five-minute toned arms (7:19)

Moves: Elbow circles, back behinds, triangle pushups, half cobra pushups, up-up down-downs

7. Ultimate back (9:05)

Moves: Bird dog pulses, parachuter, flying bird dog, breaststroke

8. Lift your booty (7:35)

Moves: Knee tap push, push pulses, hammy curls, straight leg butt lift, pointed butt lift

9. Fat destroyer cardio (7:58)

Moves: Squat and tap, lunge to high kick, plank walk opener, plank jack, mountain climbers, plié hops, wide mountain climbers

10. Toned thighs (7:59)

Moves: Forward lying leg circles, backward lying leg circles, mini rainbows, elevated clam, elevated clam kick


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