Snapshots of Daily staffers, then and now

Nov. 8, 2017, 2:04 p.m.

Former staffers:

Name: James Hohmann

Graduation year, major: 2009, history

Current job: National political correspondent for The Washington Post and author of The Daily 202 newsletter. Previously, senior reporter at POLITICO for six years.

Role at The Daily: Editor-in-chief, Vol. 231

Favorite Daily experience: Breaking stories that had a huge impact on the campus conversation. Putting the paper to bed every night as EIC with a super talented team of desk editors. Making some of my best friends for life. Getting the chance to interview fascinating newsmakers who came through campus.



Name: Joel Stein

Graduation year, major: 1993, English

Current job: Time Magazine, but only until December. I’ve been working in magazines and TV sitcom writing — mostly magazine writing.

Role at The Daily: I wrote a column for three years, editor of diversions, editor of intermission, managing editor

Favorite Daily experience: Spelling things the British way. Also, the retreats. And just staying up late and putting out a paper. And having people read my column.


Name: Lindsay (Coleman) Allen

Graduation year, major: 2005, history

Current job: Trademark attorney, Perkins Coie LLP

Role at The Daily: Managing editor of photo, photographer

Favorite Daily experience: Daily banquets with the editorial staff, meeting my future husband (Scott Allen ‘05 — sports) in the newsroom sophomore year!



Current staffers:

Name: Samantha Wong

Expected graduation year, major: 2018, human biology

Career intentions: Interested in combining science communication with being pre-med

Role at The Daily: Executive editor, managing editor of The Grind

Favorite Daily experience: When people started telling me that their favorite section of The Daily to read was The Grind. Just seeing The Grind transform over the years and become what it is today! Also, end-of-volume production nights. All of them.


Name: Caleb Smith

Expected graduation year, major: 2017, B.A. public policy; 2018, M.A. public policy 

Career intentions: Return to my hometown of Oakland and do work in local government to serve the community. Down the road, possibly run for elected office. Career aspirations include solving the Bay Area housing crisis and fixing the decay of the modern international system.

Role at The Daily: Current news senior staff writer, formerly desk editor for campus life and graduate student affairs

Favorite Daily experience: Writing articles that make a difference you can see in front of you.


Name: Maximiliana Bogan

Expected graduation year, major: 2020, biology

Career intentions: Primarily field research in biology or marine biology, but alternatively, maybe journalism or policy

Role at The Daily: Photo desk editor

Favorite Daily experience: Editing nights, 7-11 p.m.-ish, everybody is upstairs working, there’s always food.

Vibhav is a senior staff writer from Mumbai, India. He is a history major writing an honor’s thesis on the Indian Constitution and Indian economic policy from 1947-60. When he’s not reading history books, Vibhav enjoys sailing, kayaking and hiking.

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