Winter at Stanford: Sweaters, fuzzy socks and hot chocolate

Nov. 21, 2017, 1:00 a.m.

For some, the beginning of winter means snow days, relaxing by the fire and enjoying the company of friends and family. But on a campus like Stanford, winter is pretty different from what we see in Hallmark Christmas movies. Yes, it got colder. Yes, the days got shorter. But amidst the bleak skies and chilly weather, we still encounter days when we question whether or not it is truly winter yet. California weather is both a blessing and a curse, but there is still much to appreciate about it in the colder seasons.

Firstly, we experience excitement for actual sweater weather. We can enjoy our layers, scarves and hats without having to change multiple times a day with fluctuating temperatures. The cold weather also gives us the perfect excuse to rock beautiful Christmas sweaters … after Thanksgiving is over, of course.

The beginning of winter also marks the start of the holiday season. Though the holidays can be a bit chaotic, there’s something special about the time we take to be with those we love and to reflect on our year. This festive season brings up memories and feelings of nostalgia, giving us the chance to reconnect with what’s important to us and to appreciate the good in our lives.

While some may say that the cold weather brings gloom, I would argue that winter gives us a unique opportunity to appreciate beauty. The other day, I was sitting in the Old Union courtyard with a friend when she pointed out how beautiful the sky looked. It had rained earlier, and the sky was a delicate mixture of various shades of gray. Though I’ve always favored sunny weather, the beauty of the cloudy world in that moment cheered me up and reminded me that we can find light even on the darkest of days.

Whether you’re a person who loves winter or not, the season is inevitable. Though our California campus may not exhibit the signs of a classic winter, there are plenty of cold-weather related things that we can still enjoy. We can wear fuzzy socks, we can indulge in hot chocolate from Coupa and we can appreciate the presence of our peers. For now, savor the sweet moments of winter, remember to stay warm and have fun!


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