New Year’s resolutions from around campus

Jan. 2, 2018, 12:50 a.m.

“I’m looking to spruce up the Tree Room a bit, add a few new dance moves, open up treeKoin for an ICO, solve everything everywhere ever at every time, and maybe survive CS107.” – Anaxi Mars ’18, current Stanford Tree

“Make more time to spend time with loved ones. We sometimes have such a hectic life that we don’t stop to truly enjoy and spend quality time with our friends and family. Having lost my grandfather this past year it made me think how much time I lost with him the last few years because I was so far and so busy. I also plan to be a little more active and exercise more to be a healthy example for my daughter. I will also do my best to stop complaining and be grateful for all the wonderful things in life I do have.” – Fabi Cruz, Pi Beta Phi chef

“Reply to emails in a timely fashion” – Justice Tention-Palmer ’18, ASSU President

“Write at least one hand-written letter every week” – James Ralph Jacobs, Executive Director of Vaden Health Center

“Have a better work-life balance, and…have the confidence to say “no” to additional projects or commitments that infringe on that balance.” – Rosie Nelson, Ph.D. candidate in the School of Education and Co-Chair of Graduate Student Council

“[I’m] anti-New Year’s resolutions; [instead, I try to] do more crazy [stuff] every year” – Elijah Gentry, Narnia chef

Sarah Wishingrad '18 is a former Desk Editor for the University/Local beat. She is a History major from Los Angeles, California who loves politics, the waffles at Coupa, and all things Jane Austen. Ask her about her dog, Hamilton, at swishing 'at'

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