Which Stanford eatery are you?

Feb. 13, 2018, 1:00 a.m.
Which Stanford eatery are you?
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Sometimes, you just need a break from the dining halls, but you don’t want to travel too far. Find out which restaurant on campus fits your personality!

1. You can’t take any more of this p-set and you need a break, but you want to do something other than watch YouTube videos. What’s your form of “productive procrastination”?

A. Talking to your friend down the hall. Who says that building relationships isn’t productive?

B. Fine-tuning your resume. You’re hoping to get a standout internship this summer.

C. Doodling. You let your mind wander and your pen follow.

D. Writing the agenda for your student group’s next meeting. It’s not until next week, but you might as well get it done before your upcoming midterm.


2. What class is on your bucket list?

A. Beginning Improv

B. CS106A

C. Any creative writing class

D. Designing Your Stanford/Designing Your Life


3. A friend asks if you want to go to a party tonight, but you decide not to go. Why?

A. You’re already going to a friend’s Special D, but maybe you’ll drop by the party later.

B. You’re trying to stick to a regular sleep schedule, and staying out past midnight doesn’t really fit in that schedule.

C. You’re pretty tired from the week, so you’d rather curl up in bed and listen to music.

D. You just finished running an event with your student group, so you need to rest.


4. If you stay on campus over spring break, how do you want to spend your time off?

A. Exploring SF with friends

B. Having informational interviews with local professionals

C. Reading, since you don’t have time to read for fun during the quarter

D. Catching up on job or internship applications


5. What was your favorite part of freshman year? Or if you’re still a freshman, what are you most looking forward to? 

A. Screw Your Roo – when else can you go on a massive group date with all your dorm friends?

B. A really cool IntroSem; you got to meet an amazing professor and learn more about his/her work

C. Walking around Main Quad and being in awe at how beautiful it is

D. Activities fair, because you got to see all the cool opportunities that Stanford has to offer


6. OK, time to brag: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

A. My ability to strike up a conversation with anyone

B. My determination

C. My listening abilities

D. Um…can I skip this question?


Count up your answers!

Mostly As — The Axe and Palm

Nestled centrally on campus, The Axe and Palm – or as students call it, TAP – is the place for hustle and bustle. It’s the perfect place to get burgers after a frat party, grab dinner before a meeting in Old Union or ease the post-midterm pain with chicken tenders and waffle fries. Like Stanford’s burger hub, you are outgoing, upbeat and love to be in the middle of the action. If your friends ever want to hang out on a moment’s notice, you TAP into that opportunity (apologies for the pun).

Mostly Bs – Coupa Café

You are a young professional, or at least an aspiring professional. You want people to know that you’re serious, but not too serious. With its fresh coffee, fancy crepes and warm paninis, Coupa strikes the perfect balance of classy but not stuffy.

Mostly Cs — CoHo

You thrive in creative endeavors. Perhaps you perform or make art, or maybe you just appreciate good music. Either way, CoHo’s lattes and paninis fuel your creative juices. You’re more introspective, so their jazz music and leather couches provide a nice place for you to think and create.

Mostly Ds — Olive’s

You know that friend who’s in multiple clubs and is always dashing to class or a meeting, but whenever you see them, they always greet you warmly? You’re probably that person. You’re hardworking and ambitious, but you’re really humble about it. Even if you don’t feel like you have it together (everyone feels that way sometimes), give yourself a pat on the back for all the things you do.   


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