On this day In Stanford history: Feb 15

Feb. 14, 2018, 10:38 p.m.

The feature “On this day in Stanford history” details events that occurred on the same date in past years at Stanford.

According to The Stanford Daily’s archives, on Feb. 15 in….

1899: University President David Starr Jordan delivered a speech advocating for Filipino independence, which The Daily described as taking “the extreme conservative view.”

1915: Junior A. J. Hettinger won a prize of $50 in a debate on the subject of the “Ethical Aspect of Minimum Wage For Women.”

1928: It was announced that all ballots in the ASSU election the day prior had been invalidated due to a printing shortage and the transposing of two candidates’ names. The Daily noted that “all of the ballots so affected were burned.”

1940: The Daily reported that clashes between French and German troops on the Western Front led to heavy losses for the latter.

1952: Speaking in nearby San Jose, Senator Richard Nixon (R-CA) warned of a forthcoming “national disaster” if America did not take steps to curb Soviet expansion.

1965: The Daily reported on a White Plaza rally in which students and faculty called for US withdrawal from Vietnam. The event was sponsored by the Peace Caucus, the Socialist Caucus of the Student Political Union and the Graduate Coordinating Committee.

1979: “Renegade guerillas seize U.S. Embassy in Tehran,” The Daily reported on its front page. Next to it was an article about campus sororities seeking official University recognition.

1995: A year after Stanford implemented a new sexual harassment policy, Sexual Harassment Policy Coordinating Adviser, Laraine Zappert, said that the change had led to greater awareness of the issue.

2006: Stanford Tree, Erin Lashnits, was suspended for the remainder of her term as Band mascot after she failed a breathalyzer test.


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