Let’s get this par-tea started: Why you should give tea a try

March 29, 2018, 1:00 a.m.

Tea is wonderful. And the fact that I drink about a liter of it every day absolutely doesn’t show that the previous statement is biased. As a tea lover in the world of CoHo, Coupa and dozing students with coffee-filled Thermoses, I have been trying to convince more people to give tea a try. Here are 10 good reasons that drinking leafy water is the way to go.

(Note: different people may have different tolerances for caffeine or health issues that would make drinking tea unwise. Some effects and/or benefits described below may not apply to everyone.)

  1. Hello brew-tea-ful 🙂 If only for the puns, being a tea-drinker is worth it. Imagine all the tranquili-tea, sereni-tea, creativi-tea and so much more that tea can bring you!
  2. Sheer practicality: it’s easy to make great tea in a dorm room – all you need is good tea leaves, a kettle and water. It’s hard to make great coffee anywhere unless you have a priceless coffee machine.
  3. It’s healthy(-er than coffee). Every kind of tea has its own health benefits, but most are rich in antioxidants (which fight inflammation and strengthen your immune system) and are proven to boost brain and heart health. Green tea in particular has been shown to lower cholesterol and speed up your metabolism.
  4. Afternoon tea is a good excuse to grab a snack between lunch and dinner.
  5. According to a very scientific survey I’ve conducted with friends and random people on campus, it seems that drinking tea gives off an aura of knowing what you’re doing and having your s*** together more than drinking coffee does.
  6. Make your grandparents proud.
  7. Tea is nicer to your body – it typically doesn’t speed up your heart rate while leaving you feeling exhausted afterwards. If you’re looking for a lighter boost without the jitters, tea contains a small amount of caffeine that’s enough to give you a kick without the crash.
  8. Sure, there’s many kinds of coffee, but the tea spectrum is even larger and more diverse. There’s a tea for everyone!
  9. Tea can reduce stress and improve focus (and who doesn’t need that on campus?) Green tea in  particular has been found to have antidepressant effects and help people stay more focused for longer.
  10. Without tea, there would be no boba.

As I’m writing this, the kettle is humming and my jasmine tea is waiting – I hope you’ll join me for a cup!


Contact Axelle Marcantetti at axellem ‘at’ stanford.edu. 

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