Two poems by Jacob Langsner


Stuck in my Head

Yellow light
Lasers – daisies –
Budding, implicit
In thin air – blooming
In a bed of powder – white
Silk upon your upper lip,
Fertilizing growth –
Feeding lust –
With a sharp inhale –
A breath of fresh air,
And signal to my fingers –
The roots at your hips –
Grow deeper.

A change in light
From yellow
Daisies –
To green


To Be a Giraffe
Or, a Tall Order

A prayer to nature’s altar –
Greatest feet,
On the ground, of course
And head in the clouds
And heart in-between –
And herd
Pumping through our common vein
Liquid courage, bitter
And a wish –

For honest time
I ask the gentle giant,
drowned in former pleasures –
final breath,
indulgent in the promise
of something more, fulfilled –

Honest –
 Not words, but written, still
In time that moves like honey,
And hands around another
Moving all the same

A laugh is mine
Is yours, a moment
Is ours –
Reflected, absent –
A synchronized exhale
And goosebumps

Or just a neck
Strong enough to stick out
but not so long
that I trip
and lose my head.

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