Border Protection vehicle sighted on Monday intended to grant Global Entry screenings, despite widespread concerns of ICE on campus

Dec. 11, 2018, 7:34 p.m.

The University confirmed that Customs and Border Protection was on campus Monday to provide screenings to students for Global Entry, a program that speeds travel through airport security and other points of entry into the U.S., rather to enforce federal immigration policy.

Many students mistakenly thought the Border Protection vehicle, spotted at the Oval, was instead representing Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), drawing concern for the safety of undocumented students and staff members. Emails and GroupMe messages informing students that ICE was on campus were widely circulated.

“The visit was not related to any immigration enforcement issue,” wrote University spokesperson E.J. Miranda in an email to The Daily.

Miranda added that Stanford’s Public Safety department is not responsible for participating in immigration enforcement, but cannot legally prevent federal law enforcement agencies from coming to campus or require them to provide a reason for visiting.

However, the University will keep student and personnel records private unless it is legally required to share such information, according to Miranda. University protocol requires that any immigration enforcement agency’s request for information to a Stanford office be directed the Office of General Counsel.

“We are committed to supporting all members of our community, regardless of background or immigration status, and our immigrant communities are a vital part of the Stanford community,” Miranda wrote.


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This article has been updated to reflect that the vehicle spotted on campus represented the larger division of Customs and Border Protection, rather than its Border Patrol subdivision. 

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