On New Year’s resolutions

When your dog sticks to them better than you do


I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’m really struggling to wrap my head around it being 2019. Whether it is misdating my notes to be a year off or being surprised every time someone says the year aloud, 2019 just doesn’t seem to feel right quite yet. Having said this, I am trying to start the year off as a new me. On Dec. 31, as my sister and I sat down for our Harry Potter marathon leading up to midnight with an iced tea and popcorn in hand, I created a list of New Year’s resolutions that I felt would ensure 2019 to be the year of happiness, health and success. First on the list was to stop eating junk food and consuming sugary drinks so often.

Food-related goals aside, I started off the first week well — going to the gym, getting more sleep and trying to meditate before starting my day. Then school started, and things became more complicated. This week I overslept after staying up too late watching Ellen on YouTube and had to rush to my first class of the day. I forgot about scheduling class discussions, which directly overlapped with the time I wanted to go to the gym. To compensate, I also forgot my computer charger, backpack and keys when going to class, but I burned calories taking three extra trips to my room and back outside. Needless to say, New Year’s resolutions have been a bit of a challenge for me this year.

On the other hand, my service dog, Libby, seems to be taking the transition into 2019 like a champ. Unlike me, she did not need to make any resolutions because of the incredible discipline she has had since the day I met her. While I am furiously getting ready in the morning, Libby is calmly lying on her bed waiting for her morning breakfast. When Libby goes outside to exercise, her tail is constantly wagging. While I am trying to stay awake in class or finish up an assignment at night, Libby is taking every moment she can to rest.

I have come to realize that Libby is sticking by my New Year’s resolutions better than I am so far, which is a concerning thought, but fingers crossed that there is still hope for me in the coming 12 months. I will keep my spirits up that, with such a great example by my side, good habits are bound to rub off on me. And if not, I guess there is always next year to add becoming more like my dog to my resolution list.


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