Thoughts when signing up for classes

April 5, 2019, 1:00 a.m.

In light of the most recent round of registration for the this quarter’s classes, here is a compilation of some thoughts that we’ve all likely had at some point, whether we were registering for our first or last quarter.

1. Where in the world do you click to enroll the regular way?

2. Two-step authentication? What did I do with my phone?!  

3. Strategy, strategy, strategy. I need to get into the most popular class first.

4.  Is it midnight? Refresh the page. Refresh again.

5. I thought that getting into Stanford was competitive, but you don’t know real competition until you want a spot in Social Dance.

6. Well, shoot.  The final exam schedules clash. Drop.

7. Wait, what does CARTA say about this?

8. CARTA says it’s less than five hours per week. Enroll!

9. CARTA says that 50 percent of students get A-pluses. Enroll!

10. Drop!

11. Ugh, SimpleEnroll is buffering more slowly than a YouTube video in the recesses of Green Library.

12. Should I work on my major? Or take a class about seances? Or this other one about black holes?

13. What are my chances of my GPA tanking? This class might be a “shop and drop.”

14. SimpleEnroll is not that simple.

15. The orange clock in SimpleEnroll: the bane of the Stanford student’s existence.

16. A hold?! Why do I have a hold?!

17. “Yo, ______, which section are you signing up for?”

18. Steering clear of those 9:30 a.m.s as if they were the plague …

19. Who knew that classes could end at 10 p.m.?!

20. OMG, I’m so excited to take this class! I can’t wait until next quarter.

21. Wait, it’s going to be “next quarter” in five weeks.

22. I don’t have that many quarters left at Stanford. BRB, crying.

23. Where else could I take such cool but hard classes? The intellectual vitality is real.

24. Wait, does this fit in my four-year plan that I made in fall quarter of frosh year but have never looked at again until now?

25. Phew! What a relief to finally be enrolled and decided. Time to secure the bag.

Contact Sarayu Pai at smpai918 ‘at’

Contact Sarayu at smpai918 ‘at’

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