How to take advantage of spring

April 19, 2019, 1:00 a.m.

Campus in the Spring!

It is finally spring quarter and it also finally seems to have stopped raining. After a long and cold winter, here are a couple ways to take advantage of campus as we transition into the long-awaited ~Camp Stanford~!

  1. Study outside.

Under no circumstance should you have to go to a library during Spring Quarter (except maybe during finals week, but that’s a way away). There’s nothing more depressing than sitting inside Green Library and looking helplessly out a window at a beautiful, sunny day. Instead, study on Meyer Green, Wilbur Field or any other sunny spot around campus. If you need a table to work on, I recommend the tables outside Tresidder or the picnic tables near Green. Also, the Law Library terrace is definitely a good exception to the no-library rule.

2. Eat outside whenever possible.

You could just eat on the picnic tables that are probably by your dining hall, but why not take it a step further and eat on Wilbur or Stern field (if you live on East Campus)? Sitting on a blanket on the warm grass will definitely get you into the spring mood. Both studying and eating outside will also help improve your tan, so there really are no downsides.

3. Hike the Dish.

Instead of facing the boredom of an elliptical in Near-(or Far)-rillaga, convince one of your friends to go and hike the Dish with you. Depending on how dead you want your legs to feel after, you can either walk or run. Also, the views are beautiful and getting outside is bound to boost your mood more than a line of treadmills ever could.

4. Go to the Farmers’ Market.

Every Saturday starting at 8 a.m., there’s a farmers’ market in downtown Palo Alto. It’s best known for its delicious crepes, coffee options and lots of fresh fruit, but you’ll be able to find practically any kind of food between all of its vendors. If Sundays work better for you, there’s another farmers’ market every Sunday beginning at 9 a.m. on California Avenue that even has food trucks. Just make sure to go on the earlier side before everything’s been picked over.

5. Go to Half Moon Bay.

Or any beach, but Half Moon Bay is the closest. I went to Half Moon Bay for the first time last weekend, and it’s a much easier trip than it may seem. It only took 40 minutes to drive there, and that was with some pretty bad traffic as we got closer to the beach. It can definitely get chilly, so bring a sweater, but it’s worth the trip! There’s no better way to escape campus than lying on the beach for a few hours and ignoring all your responsibilities.

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