Women in Comedy festival

April 19, 2019, 1:00 a.m.

So, women are funny. Some may view this as a “hot take,” but I can assure you, many of us have known this for a while. One of the reasons people may not realize the comedic genius that females can possess is the sheer lack of platform. I had been whispering small comments to myself for years, and sometimes, others around me laughed, but that was about as big of an audience as I got. It wasn’t until senior year of high school when I gave a speech about being ostracized as the middle child and being the only redhead in my family that I realized comedy was something I had potential in. Coming to college, I began searching for a community in which I could explore writing stand-up and skits in a supportive and quick-witted environment.

It took me until winter quarter to find Stanford Women in Comedy, a club in its first year of existence. There’s an indescribable warmth every time we meet to pitch jokes or discuss festival logistics in Slav’s lounge. After a difficult day of classes or of dealing with the patriarchy, I found this space to be a great way to take my own emotions and annoyances and turn them into comedic material. It was a way of coping I had never experienced in a group before, and I’m honored to be involved in their upcoming event.

This Saturday on April 20th, Stanford Women in Comedy will be hosting their first annual festival at 8 p.m. in Roble Dorm Theater. Deedee Anderson and Siena Jeakle have been the pioneers of both the club and the festival, as it is their capstone project. Olivia Barbulescu, who is hosting the stand-up portion of the festival and opened for Jenny Zigrino last quarter, may be the funniest person I’ve ever met. My fellow Grind writer and editor Alanna Flores will also be doing some dramatic readings. There have been rumors that she will be doing so in a cheetah jumpsuit. I will be ranting for approximately five minutes about the fact that I have no Bradley Cooper to my Lady Gaga.

Apart from individuals doing skits or stand-up, The Stanford Improvisers, Robber Barons, Indigo Overthrow, The Stanford Flipside and Stand Up, D will be featured in the festival. Lucy Gomez, our amazing stage manager, will be posting photos and bios of each performer as we approach Saturday night. You can see Deedee and Siena emcee the entire event, and we will attempt to sell you brownies and stickers after the show. The show itself is free, but you can reserve a ticket on the event’s Facebook page.

Since joining the club in winter quarter, I have yet to find a better community on campus than these incredibly funny women. I’ve been inspired by these women from day one, and I cannot urge people enough to come out in support this Saturday.

Contact Nina Knight at ngknight ‘at’ stanford.edu.

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