An apology letter to my AirPods


My beloved AirPods,

As I sit down to write you this letter, you are on my bedside table, re-charging after a long day in my ears. You had a bit of a brutal day, accompanying me as I ran from class to class, even falling out of a moving vehicle as I tried to put my water bottle back in my bag while talking on the phone. For a moment, I thought I had lost you forever. The golf cart driver stopped and looked doubtfully around the cart, but when he found you, scratched but in one piece nonetheless, I felt like it was a message from Apple itself to do better by you moving forward. I am writing you this letter to apologize for the way I have treated you lately and to seek your forgiveness.

I remember when I first got you, about a year ago now. I was so excited but terrified to have a new piece of technology with me at all times. I worried you would get lost, or that I would start bad habits, but over time, these fears faded, and instead they became reality. My mom began making bets as to how long our relationship would last as I searched for you around the house. I grew panicked when I woke up and realized that I fell asleep with you and did not put you back in your case. I am sorry for this. You needed me to keep better track of you, but I took you for granted. I am sorry for letting you fall between couch cushions, behind airplane seats and under my bed. I am sorry for leaving you in jacket pockets and in bags I took to the gym. I just thought you would always find your way back to me.

I also need to apologize for that day that we never discuss. That day when I was unfaithful to you. Do you remember? I’m sure you do. It was the day after a late night of studying, and I went to the gym to pump some iron. However, when I got to the treadmill and pulled you out, there was only one of you. I must have dropped a pod somewhere in the gym I thought, so I asked the receptionist if anyone had found you.

“Is this it?” she asked.

I took the AirPod in my hand and put it in my ear.

“Yes, thank god.” I sighed.

It was only when I got home and found one of you sitting on my bed that I knew I made a terrible mistake. How could I not have noticed the difference? I figured you had just lost your charge because the connection we usually feel instantly for each other wasn’t there, but it wasn’t there because that AirPod from the gym was not devoted to me the way you are.

I don’t know how you have managed to stick with me through many long days and even a move across the country, but I want to thank you for all that you have done for me since we met. You have brought a comfort and efficiency to my life that I have never felt before, and I need you to know that I love you, even if sometimes my actions suggest otherwise. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being a calming presence after a long day and a personal trainer of sorts in the gym. Thank you for bringing my family to me through the phone and helping me study through course videos and audiobooks. You mean so much to me, and I can’t wait to see what we will discover together.



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