50 ways under five bucks to get out of the post-Week Five slump

May 7, 2019, 1:00 a.m.

Are you in a post-week 5 slump? Here’s 50 ways under $5 to thrive!

  1. Hike the dish with a new friend.
  2. Watch a sunset from a new place on campus.
  3. Bike to Town & Country Village and get boba.
  4. Actually grab lunch with a friend that you usually flake on.
  5. Rent a classic movie that you have not seen in years.
  6. Start a pick-up game on Wilbur Field.
  7. Find a new study spot (McMurtry roof).
  8. Try a new dining hall, co-op or self-op.
  9. Take your meal swipe food on a picnic.
  10. Read a book that has been on your shelf for months.
  11. Take at least one picture every single day.
  12. Walk downtown to get ice cream.
  13. Take a nap on Meyer green.
  14. Go rock climbing in Arrillaga.
  15. Make beaded bracelets.
  16. Reach out to join a new club you have been meaning to join.
  17. Spend time in Cantor.
  18. Go fountain hopping in every single fountain on campus.
  19. Explore the cactus garden on campus.
  20. Try samples at the Tuesday Tresidder farmers market.
  21. Trade clothes with a friend.
  22. Try out some temporary hair dye.
  23. Switch a class to pass/fail.
  24. Up-cycle a pair of old jeans.
  25. Organize your desk drawers.
  26. Bake cookies with friends.
  27. Grab a baked good from CoHo.
  28. Lay out at the pool.
  29. Take a late night trek around campus.
  30. Go to an acapella show.
  31. Try out a new nail polish color.
  32. Spend hours watching the stars.
  33. Make s’mores.
  34. Start a bullet journal.
  35. Go to the California Ave farmers market on Sunday.
  36. Put on a face mask with friends.
  37. Go roof hopping.
  38. Walk around campus until you find a dog.
  39. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube.
  40. Write and send a handwritten letter.
  41. Make a bucket list for your summer.
  42. FaceTime a high school that friend you haven’t talked to since graduation.
  43. Take a free workout or yoga class.
  44. Plan your dream vacation.
  45. Try out a new snack (Trader Joe’s chocolate peanut butter cups).
  46. Go to the top of Hoover Tower.
  47. Meditate.
  48. Start to learn a new language.
  49. Organize your playlists and make new ones for your closest friends.
  50. Print off your favorite pictures from this year and make a scrapbook.

Contact Frances Schroeder at fschroe ‘at’ stanford.edu.

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