EAST preassigns reassigned to EAST after being mistakenly assigned to Crothers

June 1, 2019, 2:12 p.m.

After 13 students selected to live in the Education And Society Theme (EAST) House next school year were mistakenly assigned to Crothers Hall, 12 of the students have been reassigned to EAST. The other student decided to remain in Crothers and did not pursue reassignment.

The 13 students were accepted to EAST through the preassignment process, but were assigned to Crothers due to a “data entry error” by Residential Education (ResEd). Though Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) noticed one of the students had been misassigned and made a correction before assignment notifications were sent, the other misassignments went unnoticed until afterward.

In order for misassigned students to be reassigned to EAST, 11 students assigned to EAST through the regular housing draw volunteered to give up their spots in exchange for assignment to other residences.

Through the preassignment process, students may apply to a single campus residence before the regular housing draw in order to participate in a program in alignment with a residence’s particular theme. The student who chose to remain in Crothers will retain the option to participate in EAST’s dorm programming.

Crothers, like EAST, is a tier-three preassign residence, meaning any undergraduate is eligible to apply unless they have already exhausted their four years of guaranteed housing.

Contact Holden Foreman at hs4man21 ‘at’ stanford.edu.

Holden Foreman '21 was the Vol. 258-59 chief technology officer. Holden was president and editor-in-chief in Vol. 257, executive editor (vice president) in Vol. 256, managing editor of news in Vol. 254 and student business director in Vol. 255.

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