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Aug. 26, 2019, 4:13 p.m.

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Nowadays, e-sports are among the most dynamically improving sports with an increasing number of viewers. Since Star Wars is one of the biggest brands in the world, the consumers of e-sports can be ideal target audience for Disney.

However, instead of the current e-sports championships in which the players compete in a virtual environment, Disney should create a new type of e-sports championship in which the traditional competition would be continuously rendered, and it would be visualized as a streamable live broadcast in virtual environment inspired by Star Wars.

As a result, the competitors and their teams would eventually match their knowledge and skills in reality, but the viewers could see this in virtual environment visualized by a video game. The virtual environment would be provided by the EA DICE Battlefront video game series, and the first championship would be built on air fight.

The air fight championship:

The championship would require such an airport at which high-tech communication and radar technology is available and which can provide enough airspace for the secure organization of the air fights of the competition.

In the competition, teams of stunt pilots could take part with different types of prop stunt planes constructed according the requirements of the competition. Since in Star Wars-based air fights the starfighters vary in many aspects such as speed, maneuvering ability and performance, therefore the types of stunt planes used in the competition would be so selected that their capabilities could be matched with the different kinds of starfighters from the X-wing starfighter through the Y-wing light bomber to the TIE fighter and the TIE interceptor.

A laser beam aiming and detecting system would be installed onto the stunt planes with a such a punctual telemetric system that could illustrate the maneuvering of the stunt planes in the Battlefront video game environment perfectly. As a result of this, the broadcast air fight from the maneuvers of the starfighters to the work of the laser cannons would be realistic and because of that excessively enjoyable.

Since the viewers can only see the virtual environment in which anything can be the venue of the air fight from a surface of a planet to deep space, the contests between the competing teams can trend towards a diversity of tasks such as gaining air superiority, bombers flying onto overground targets and inhibiting this, VIP accompaniment and catching that, or even supporting star destroyers and destroying them by proton torpedoes.

In the VIP competitions that aim is to accompany or capture of the YT-1300 light freighter or even a Lambda-class shuttle, the roles of the VIPs would be filled by turboprop airplanes controlled by professional pilots according to the size and maneuvering abilities of the VIPs. The pilots would be selected randomly to each competition, so the role of the VIPs would not be filled by the competitors, but the frame crew of the competition.

The role of the star destroyer or other similar size warship would be filled by an airship with its own crew, which only had to hover in one space during these kinds of competitions. Only laser sensors would be installed onto the airship, so although in the virtual environment the visualized warship, for example a Victory-class star destroyer would use its turbolasers and ion cannons constantly, those would only serve to increase the reality of the air fight, since only the competitors could achieve hits.

The injuries and destructions of the starfighters would be generated automatically from the data provided by the laser sensors in a very spectacular method, so this would create not only a realistic air fight for the viewers, but also they could worry about the pilots. The shot-down pilots would be excluded from the live radio communication of their teams in the moment of the destruction of their starfighters, and from this moment they could only communicate with the air traffic control to organize the landing. Moreover, in such cases on the destructed stunt planes predetermined light signals would turn on to inform the still competing pilots.

Due to the visualization of the air fight in virtual environment, the viewers can change their points of view in the broadcast according to their preferences. They can watch the competition from the perspective of their favorite pilot, from the camera above the starfighter or even from the fired proton torpedo. Moreover, the virtual environment would use the previously digitized faces of the stunt pilots. Because of that, in close maneuvering the virtual environment would be more realistic by recognisability of the pilots.

During the competition, the selected airport would set up a hangar filled with full-scale starfighter models. The interviews and the award ceremony would take place in this hangar. During the interviews and the announcement of the competition results the competing stunt pilots and the frame crew of the competition would wear Star Wars-based team uniforms decorated with the badge of their teams.

Battles on the ground:

If the air fight championship is successful, the e-sports championship of Disney could expand with ground battles. The venue of the ground battles would be a film studio, where on big stages the venues of the battles could be pre-built as scenery. Since the viewers only see the virtual environment, the scenery could even be made of unpainted wooden planks, which would be scanned in 3D in order to make a realistic visualization after placing them.

Since the viewers can only watch the competition in virtual environment, the blasters with the laser aiming system and the special clothes equipped with dozens of sensors can be made with practical common sense, and can be used with maximum security.

The difficulty of establishing the ground battle championship is the realistic visualization of the competitors, because the movements of the competitors can be followed accurately and visualized with the help of the special competition clothes, but the emotions on the faces of the competitors cannot be visualized accurately, while in contrast with the air fights, this visualized emotions would be necessary to create a realistic representation. Because of this, the emotions of the faces would be controlled by artificial intelligence based on predetermined schemes and on the tone of their radio talks.

The advantages of the Star Wars Championship:

Since Star Wars films, series, games, comic books are released continuously, the interest of the viewers can be maintained constantly, and this championship would be ideal to expand the variety of the Disney+ streaming service.

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