5 reasons to join the Daily’s opinions section this fall

Sept. 23, 2019, 3:35 p.m.

How Stanford handled an admissions scandal that affected elite universities across America. The newly unveiled neighborhoods plan that will fundamentally restructure campus life, likely for decades to come. Tightening research restrictions as tensions between the United States and China rise. These are just three headlines on which columnists at The Daily weighed in last year thoughtfully and critically, dialoguing meaningfully with both other campus publications and the latest happenings at Stanford and beyond. And if you’re less interested in breaking news and have a special topic you’d like to write about regularly, you also have a home in the opinions section. Thinking of joining The Daily this fall? Here are five reasons to seal the deal and apply now.

1. Find out about news before anyone else does.

Have you ever wondered about the exact nature of the relationship between the university and the Hoover Institute, or what Stanford’s disputes with Santa Clara County over housing are about, or why student groups are getting suspended? There’s no better way to understand the complex ecosystem that is Stanford than to be in a room with other people asking the same questions. Whether it’s your first year on campus or your last, there’s always enough change on campus to keep you on your toes. Columnists at The Daily are at the forefront, responding argumentatively to events on campus while our colleagues in news investigate them.

If advocating for things you care about is important to you, being an involved and informed member of the community is an important prerequisite. The Daily’s opinions section is the perfect place to keep up to date on the latest in campus life, while adding your voice to the conversation.

2. Write articles that will be read by the most important people on campus.

Rumor has it Marc Tessier-Lavigne reads a copy of The Daily first thing every morning. Columnists frequently receive email correspondence from leaders and decision-makers at Stanford, and hear feedback from professors and peers when their writing appears in The Daily. Although we can’t say with certainty why administrators have made certain decisions, we’re fairly convinced that the opinions we’ve published have directly impacted policy, whether they be fresh initiatives spice up social life on campus or emailed responses to the noose found on campus over the summer. And even if you don’t necessarily feel like opining on Stanford politics, it’s nice to know that you’re communicating a dilemma, passion or curiosity to an audience that cares.

3. Contribute to themed series and begin your own themed column.

Do you want to integrate your love for Gothic British literature with timely social commentary? Deliberate on the ethical conundrums shirking behind everyday life habits? Or do you have a similar niche interest that you’d like our broader readership to think a little harder about? If so, join our team as a themed columnist. If you find other opinions writers with similar thematic interests, you can even begin a themed series and loop in multiple contributors.

4. Collaborate with peers and editors.

Almost all of us have had intelligent conversations or disagreements with friends who then improved our own thinking. Our weekly meetings provide an outlet for fiery debates with fellow writers on issues you might want to write about, honing your argument along the way. We also care a lot about working together with you to ensure that your article is the most considered, polished version of it. Whether they are extensive comments on a first draft or meetings in person one-on-one to talk about ideas, we want to help you be the best writer you can be. The team of opinions editors this volume write on a diversity of topics, so chances are that one of us will be a good match for you.

5. Schmooze with the Ops Team.

After you’ve submitted that article and seen your name in print in The Daily, it’s time to kick back with the opinions team and celebrate what you’ve accomplished! Join us at Ops and Hops, a series of casual social gatherings we’ll be hosting throughout the quarter. The first installment will take place on Thursday, September 26 from 7:30 to 9:00 P.M. at the Stanford Daily House, so come on over if you have any questions or want to get to know us in person.

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