5 of 7 student staff at Hammarskjöld house resign, University filling vacancies


Residential Education (ResEd) is working with the Hammarskjöld (Hamm) house student staff to fill five vacancies in the wake of recent resignations. 

Hamm’s financial manager announced their resignation on Nov. 19, and the house’s community manager, co-op manager, resident assistant and resident computing consultant followed in announcing their resignations on Dec. 4, according to a person familiar with the situation. The two kitchen managers remained in their positions. 

The student staffers who resigned and several other house residents declined to comment. The remaining student staffers also declined to comment.

“Whenever there’s a staff vacancy in a Row house, a team of administrators including the Associate Dean and Community Coordinator work closely to support the student staff in filling the vacancy as quickly as possible,” wrote ResEd Associate Dean Cole Shiflett in an email to The Daily. 

Shiflett supports and works directly with Hamm student staff. She declined to comment on when and why the resignations occurred. 

“Typically student staff identify and propose candidates for the open positions, and Residential Education professional staff confirm eligibility, manage the formal appointment process and coordinate training,” Shiflett wrote.

Since Hamm typically has seven staff members, two would remain to make those proposals. Shiflett added that there are certain expectations for student staff outlined on the Residential Education website.

“Specifically, Residential Education professional staff guide student staff to work together as a team to identify the appropriate times and spaces to communicate thoughtfully with residents, to ensure all residents’ needs can be addressed and all residents’ views can be voiced, heard and explored respectfully,” Shiflett wrote.  

According to her, the process of filling the vacancies began last week and typically takes a few weeks as student staff identify and propose candidates for open positions in the house. It typically takes another two days for professional staff to confirm eligibility and manage the formal appointment process once candidates have been proposed. In the interim, Residential Education staff are working closely with the Hamm staff to provide additional resources and support to the community, according to Shiflett. 

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